WELCOME to "Sajag Valuers Private Limited" !

Sajag is a team of professional Individuals having vast, diversified & enriched experience in various Industry/Service Domain & Valuation services. The core ethical foundation of SAJAG is robust and Sajag demonstrates passionate support for the Ethics and Compliance.

It has taken generations for SAJAG to achieve our preeminent position in the marketplace. Our success is the result of —the knowledge, experience and extraordinary talent of our team; the professionalism; the quality of our services; and, above all, our high standards of ethics. We always keep Customer as our focal point & remain consistently vigilant and proactive about enforcing our standards of conduct.

We strive to lead in competitive market of Valuation services. Our values of Simplicity, Integrity, Humility & Respect, Service and Excellence are a testament to these aspirations. We take comfort in knowing that our team embraces these values as we carry out our activities.

SAJAG is firmly committed to offer Services with the highest level of Integrity and in compliance with the prevailing laws and internal ethics. We are operating in a market place where the rules that govern business conduct are more complex and demanding than ever.

Traditionally, banks have relied heavily on the valuation of assets for financing and extending credit to borrowers. The field of valuation has always been dependent on individual knowledge and skills. A lack of formal education, training and hands-on experience in this field, has created a dearth of professionals. At the same time, risks in Banking and Financial Services Industry (BFSI) have gone up substantially due to sub-prime crisis, derivative deals in FOREX transactions, sudden rise in costs & commodity prices, downgrade of powerful economies in the world etc. All these factors together have compounded risks for the entire BFSI sector in the last couple of years.