Competitive Intelligence

  • Competitive information can be valuable to our clients to understand and manage our markets and services so we can better meet our clients’ needs.
  • SAJAG will gather and use information only in accordance with the law and our high ethical standards and we will respect the confidentiality of our competitors’ and suppliers’ information.
  • Any information we suspect has been obtained improperly must not be used.
  • The law prohibits us from obtaining information through theft, blackmail, wiretapping, electronic eavesdropping, hacking, pre texting, and bribery, improper inducement, receiving stolen property, threats and other improper methods.
  • It is also important that we acquire competitive information ethically.
  • Guidelines:
    • We will not misrepresent who we are or for whom we work.
    • We will not use a competitor’s employees as improper sources of non-public information.
    • SAJAG employees or recruits should not divulge to us proprietary information about their other employers.

Aerial Surveying Services

At Sajag, our valuation covers definitive areas backed by sound valuation techniques, which utilize all the factors that affect market rates. We also offer indexation services required for computation of long term capital gains. Indexation is the process by which the cost of acquisition of capital asset is marked up, to represent the cost levels existing on the year of sale of such capital asset. This is done in order to maintain parity in cost levels, to account for inflation and cost of living escalations over the years.

Apart from providing the extensive valuation services for moveable & immoveable assets like land, building, plant & machinery, through our associates we offer:

  1. Valuation of brand, product, equity shares, corporate & division, etc.
  2. Various commercial services to the entire BFSI sector across India such as Verification of Collaterals (per unit ITR Cost), Verification of Collaterals (any other Documents, including Bank statements, profile check for a customer), Post disbursement asset verification for Mortgages/ Auto Loans/CV/SME, Legal cross check, etc.;
  3. Strategic Planning and Pre-investment feasibility studies;
  4. Technology evaluation and finalization of JVs;
  5. Assisting banks by becoming lenders’ independent engineers’ to take care of their interests;
  6. Techno-Economic Viability (TEV) of units cum appraisal reports.
  7. Training Services on Valuation.

Our associates have done TEV reports for dairy industry, edible oil industry, setting up of a plant for crushed sand – based on Japanese Technology etc. These are based on PEST analysis, which is a business measurement tool used in American & European countries. PEST is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors, which are used to assess the market value for a business or organizational unit.

Sajag Valuers feel that we are in a position to assist BFSI Sector in helping banks strengthen their Risk Management function, so that chances of Company becoming a stressed account to manage are less.

 Valuation Demography


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Sajag Valuers have done Valuation assignments in all above locations/sites

Valuation Domain-Industry Segmentation



Some of the Major Projects handled by us/our associates in specialized field other than valuation are detailed below:

Techno Economic Viability (TEV) Projects :

  • Substation Projects of Engineering & Construction Company;
  • Railway Electrification Project of Engineering & Construction Company;
  • Fabrication Units of an Engineering Company;
  • Power Station Projects;
  • Automation & Robotics Company;
  • Furniture making Company;
  • Paper Mills

Lenders’ Independent Engineers (LIE) :

  • Plant & Machinery for setting up of fasteners unit (EOU);
  • Plant & Machinery of Steels manufacturing company;
  • Procurement & Commissioning of Plant & Machinery of Battery Manufacturing Unit;
  • Installation of machinery in a Water (Amusement) Park;
  • Procurement & Commissioning of Plant & Machinery of Valve Manufacturing Co.;
  • Redevelopment of Real Estate project in Mumbai;
  • Stage-wise progress report of a medium scale Real Estate Project in Pune.

Cost Vetting of Projects :

  • Procurement of new set up of two wheeler battery assembly line and modification in four wheeler battery assembly line for a large Battery manufacturing company;
  • Purchase of Pipe Bending Machines, Hydraulic Press Machines & Cranes for a heavy manufacturing unit;
  • Supply, Installation, Commissioning of Telecommunication Network Company;

Chartered Engineer (CE) Certifications :

  • Certification for estimation of expected future life of Plant & Machinery of a component manufacturing company;
  • Chartered Engineers Appraisal Report during its TEV for a bottling unit;
  • Certification for an assembly unit for Supply of Butterfly Valves.

Project Appraisal Reports :

  • Karan City, Pune Nagar Road, Pune for HDFC Ltd.;
  • Ishan Clarissa, Warje, Pune, for Reliance Capital Ltd.;
  • Urbangram Shirwal of Vastushodh Projects for HDFC Ltd.;
  • Anshul Kanvas, Wagholi, Pune for Corporation Bank;
  • Swapnalok by Gandhi Bafna Asso., Kirkee, Pune for HDFC Ltd.;
  • Madhupushpa by Paramount Gaurav Shelters, Wakad, Pune for HDFC Ltd.;
  • Nirvana by Skywards – Ashtika Lifestyle, Hadapsar, Pune for Reliance Capital;
  • Courtyard by Essen Group, Chikhli, Pune for HDFC Ltd.;
  • Prithvi Group, Prabhadevi Mumbai for Ratnakar Bank Ltd.
  • Brick Eagle Group’s project named Karjat Central at Karjat

Valuation Technology and Instruments 

There instruments are the latest tools used by cutting edge technology and are used in conducting accurate,fast, easy and cost effective surveys for any industry such as infrastructure, construction, agriculture, mining, waste management, road/rail projects, large plants etc. The technology is now available in India and in this regards has many advantages which are:

  • Accuracy and resolution of up to 2 cm with geo referenced images and DSMs;
  • Easy and accurate calculation of distance, area, volume etc.
  • Elevation profile and contour mapping of the full area
  • Accurate topographic modelling.
  • 3D model of the area or the site or any structure.
  • All data available for analysis on mobile, computer and cloud for anytime use.
  • Export of digital data to application software such as AutoCAD for further processing
  • Easy and fast to carry out survey in remote areas or in difficult terrain such as Hills
  • Fast processing and product delivery in less than 2 days
  • Easy and accurate inspection of bridges, towers, power lines, solar fields etc.
  • Simple & accurate tracking of material usage, material excavation estimates, project progress.
  • To perform project feasibility surveys, planning transport routes etc.
  • Survey of vegetation levels in the fields using NDVI technique.
  • Quick and effective damage assessment after calamity, to expedite compensation decision and quantity so as to minimize disputes….. and many more which you can think of.




Valuation Services Beneficiaries

Banks NBFC & Reality Funds

  • IDBI Bank
  • Bank of Maharashtra
  • Bank of India
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Ratnakar Bank (RBL Bank)
  • Cosmos Bank
  • HDFC Ltd.
  • Religare Enterprises Ltd.
  • Credila Financial Services Ltd.
  • Cholamandalam DBS
  • Fullerton India Credit Co. Ltd.
  • PNB Housing Finance Ltd


  • Larson & Toubro Ltd.
  • Kernal Foods Ltd. (KFC)
  • Tree House Education & Accessories
  • Chordia Food Products Ltd.
  • Venus Drugs & Cosmetics Ltd.
  • Vastushodh Projects Ltd.
  • Solaris Group
  • Karan Group
  • Anshul Realties Pvt. Ltd.
  • Prachin Group
  • Brick Eagle (Pvt. Equity) Group